Who are we?

Phoenix Roller Sports Club is a group of all-age skaters who have a passion for roller sports. Here at PRSC we encourage anyone and everyone to come out and give skating a try. Whether you want to skate for fun, exercise, or competitively; we have a place for you! Click the links in the navigation to learn more about our sports teams!

Artistic Figure

Inline Speed

Learn to Skate

Fast Fridays

Meet Our Coaches

Polly and Rich

Rich and Polly are the Head Coaches for the Artistic Figure skating team. Together they have over 30 years of coaching experience and training.  


Tiffany is the Head Coach for the Inline Speed team with over 10 years of coaching experience and training in both figure and inline skating.

Parents Creed

  1. I will make athletic participation for my child and others a positive time. 
  2. I will attempt to relieve the pressure of competition, not increase it.
  3. I will be kind to my child’s coaches and officials. The coaches are providing a recreational activity to our children and a valuable community service to our community.
  4. I will applaud good performances by our team members and the opposing teams or clubs.
  5. I will not openly question the judges in an event. They are doing their job to the best of their abilities. If a question arises, refer them to your coaching staff.
  6. I will accept the result of each test or competition. I will encourage my child to be gracious and humble in victory and turn defeat into victory by working towards improvements. 
  7. I will be responsible for seeing that my child had timely transportation to and from all practices.